Infinite Space, Infinite God II

An anthology of Roman Catholic-theme science fiction, edited by Karina and Robert Fabian.

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This anthology includes my story "Cloned to Kill", about a teenaged girl clone who has been created as a military killer, but she rebels against her programming and clone master with the help of a priest.

Editor Karina Fabian says, "'Cloned to Kill' goes beyond the ethics of cloning to explore the nature of free will, forgiveness and belonging to community. As such, it's a story not so much about clones as about us."

Critical acclaim for Infinite Space, Infinite God II, including "Cloned to Kill":


"While fun and imaginative, the anthology forces the reader to confront some serious issues."

"Mak depicts the Church as standing firm on human rights regardless if the person is naturally or synthetically born."

Fred Warren (Frederation):

"Rob and Karina Fabian have assembled a nice variety of imaginative tales, serious and lighthearted, introspective and action-packed, from near-space to the other side of the galaxy. Some could happen tomorrow, others are set thousands of years in the future. There’s something for everybody here."

"'Cloned to Kill' by Derwin Mak...moving and thoughtful."

John Konecsni (New York Catholic Examiner):

"At the end of the day, if you like science fiction, you'll enjoy this book. It's worth the price of admission..."

On "Cloned To Kill": "This one was fairly awesome and very well constructed." 


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