Moon Under Her Feet Cover

The Moon Under Her Feet. Originally published by Windstorm Creative (Port Orchard, Washington) in 2007 and republished by Weird and Wondrous Press (Pointe Claire, Quebec) with a new introduction in 2011.

New edition fothcoming from Dark Helix Press, Toronto, 2015. Finalist for the 2008 Prix Aurora Award for Best Long-Form Work in English.

Shrine of the Siren Stone Cover

The Shrine of the Siren Stone. Originally published by Orchard House Press (Port Orchard, Washington) in 2010 and republished by Weird and Wondrous Press (Pointe Claire, Quebec) in 2010.

New edition available in Kindle now from Dark Helix Press.



"All Dancers Go to Heaven", novella published as a chapbook, The Shallow End of Infinity (Oortworks Corporation), Toronto, Ontario, 2000.

Novella about attempts to communicate with a dead ballerina by saving her brainwaves. First chapbook published by the small press Oortworks Corporation.

"Kleinheimat", novella published in the chapbook Klein, by Futurecon 2 (science fiction convention), Markham, Ontario, 2011.

A German Jewish veteran of World War I gradually realizes that his country's new Nazi rulers do not want him. Then an Israeli military robot and its programmer accidentally land in his time and place through an time travel accident. Now he has a chance to change the future. The novella was paired with the short story "On His Birthday, Reginald Got" by J.M. Frey in the chapbook.


Short Stories

"Luck of the Irish", The Ultimate Unknown, issue 21 (spring 2001), Streamwood, Illinois.

Humorous story about a Titanic passenger who gets frozen in a block of ice and found by a German U-boat years later. Read it online (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

"The Snow Aliens" in Tales From the Wonder Zone: Explorer, edited by Julie Czerneda, Trifolium Books Inc., Toronto, Ontario, 2002.

Story to teach science to children: Two tiny aliens get lost in the snow, and the Canadian army must rescue them.

"It Came to Eat Our Chicken Wings", RicePaper, winter (Dec.) 2002, Vancouver, British Columbia.

RicePaper, the nationally acclaimed magazine of Asian Canadian arts and culture, commissioned this story for its Technology issue. A story about a Hooters Girl, a car show, and an alien. Read it online (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

"The Siren Stone", in Space Inc., edited by Julie Czerneda, DAW Books, 2003. Kindle edition now available.

A crew sent to destroy an asteroid finds dead relatives and friends living there. Finalist for the 2004 Prix Aurora Award for Best Short-Form Work in English.

"Transubstantiation" , in Northwest Passages: a Cascadian Anthology, edited by Cris DiMarco, Windstorm Creative, Port Orchard, Washington, 2005.

Jesus returns as a teenaged girl at a space station orbiting Mars. Winner of the 2006 Prix Aurora Award for Best Short-Form Work in English.

"Seventy-two Virgins", in Thou Shalt Not..., edited by Lee Allan Howard, Dark Cloud Press, Monroeville, Pennsylvania, 2006.

Dark humour about an incompetent suicide bomber. Order your copy of Thou Shalt Not... at

"Family Tradition", in the vampire fiction magazine Night to Dawn, issue 17, March 2010.

The ghost of Abraham van Helsing pesters his great-great-great-granddaughter, a Hooters Girl who doesn't want to take up vampire hunting. then a mysterious Romanian arrives at the local Hooters...Get it from Night to Dawn or read it here as pdf file or here as html.

"The Polar Bear Carries the Mail", in The Dragon and the Stars, edited by Derwin Mak and Eric Choi, DAW Books, 2010.

A Chinese Canadian test pilot and a Chinese spaceflight company find bad feng shui at their spaceport in Churchill, Manitoba. The Dragon and the Stars is the first anthology of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and alternative history written by ethnic Chinese outside China. Get it at Amazon. Also available: Kindle edition.

"Cloned to Kill", in Infinite Space, Infinite God II, edited by Karina and Robert Fabian, Twilight Times Books, Kingsport, Tennessee, 2010.

A teenaged clone rebels against her creator with the help of a former army chaplain. Infinite Space, Infinite God II is the Fabians' second anthology of Roman Catholic-theme science fiction.

"The Shepherd's Blessing" in The Chain Story, developed by Michael Stackpole, 2011.

The Cthulhu Mythos and the Salem witch trials come together in Boston, 1702. The Chain Story is an online series of stories involving the Wanderers' Club. Read the story here online.

"Willpower" in Eeriecon Chapbook Ten, Buffalo Fantasy League, Buffalo, New York, 2011. Paired with Larry Niven's "Doubling Rate" in a chapbook published by Eeriecon Science Fiction Convention.

A vampire restaurant waitress tries to get rid of an annoying customer who wants her to bite him.

Tesseracts 16

"The Faun and the Sylphide" in Tesseracts Sixteen: Parnassus Unbound, edited by Mark Leslie, Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, Calgary, Alberta, 2012.

A ballet dancer dances in a costume made of memory cloth, a fabric that can pass on the muscle memory of its previous owner. However, he gets more than just the skill and grace of the previous dancer, who killed his girlfriend.

Shanghai Steam cover

"Flying Devils" in Shanghai Steam, edited by Ace Jordyn, Calvin D. Jim and Renee Bennett, Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, Calgary, Alberta, 2012. Shanghai Steam is an anthology of stories combining the steampunk and wuxia (martial hero) genres.

In 1895, the Qing Dynasty's Minister of War sends a civilian official to kill a general who has a secret project near the China-Vietnam border.

Wrestling With Gods cover

"Mecha-Jesus" in Wrestling With Gods (Tesseracts Eighteen), edited by LIana Kerzner and Jerome Stueart, Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, Calgary, Alberta, 2015.

A Japanese town uses an android of Jesus as a tourist attraction at its Christ Festival, where non-Christians celebrate Jesus, the Israeli who escaped crucifixion and became a rice farmer in Japan.

Strangers Among Us cover

"Songbun" in Strangers Among Us: Tales of the Underdogs and Outcasts, edited by Susan Forest and Lucas K. Law, Laksa Media Groups Inc., Calgary, Alberta, 2016.

North Korea launches its first cosmonaut into space despite his fear of flying and his spacecraft's dangerous flaws.

Space and Time Magazine issue 133

"XY-Girls" in Space and Time Magazine, issue 133, Spring-summer 2019.

On the remote planet Southern Comfort, all the women are "XY-girls", and someone is killing them. When the police won't protect them, they have to protect themselves.

Immersion cover

"The House of Hagfish" in Immersion: An Asian Anthology of Love, Fantasy, and Speculative Fiction, edited by JF Garrard, Allan Cho, and William Tham, Asian Canadian Writers Workshop and Dark Helix Press, Vancouver, 2019.

A young fashion industry worker tries to get major designers to use textiles made from the mucous of hagfish. Of course, it isn't easy to get haute couture designers to make clothes from "eel snot".

Space and Time 137 cover small

"A Girl Like Us" in Space and Time Magazine, issue 137, Summer 2020.

A sequel to "XY-Girls". Spaceships carrying food to the remote planet Southern Comfort are disappearing. Postie, the manager of the post office, looks for the missing ships on the planet's moon.

Speculative City issue 13 cover

"The Barbecue Battle" in Speculative City, issue 13, Summer 2022.

Another story of the XY-Girls. The restaurants on planet Southern Comfort hold a barbecue contest, but a military Artificial Intelligence meddles in the battle between Kansas City and Texas-style barbecues. Read it online at the link above.

Clarity anthology cover

"Software Update" in Clarity, edited by Other Worlds Ink, edited by J. Scott Coatsworth, Other Worlds Ink, Sacramento, California, 2022.

This is my first flash fiction story, which is about the relationship between a woman and her accounting AI. Clarity is an anthology published by Queer Sci Fi and Other Worlds Ink.



Story Collections

Mecha-Jesus and Other Stories cover thumbnail

Mecha-Jesus and Other Stories, Brain Lag Books, 2024.

This collection contains: "Luck of the Irish", "The Polar Bear Carries the Mail", "Mecha-Jesus", "The Snow Aliens", "The Shepherd's Blessing", "Songbun", "It Came to Eat Our Chicken Wings", "The Faun and the Sylphide", "Seventy-Two Virgins", "Cloned to Kill", "Family Tradition", and "Kleinheimat". Includes foreword by Liana Kerzner and notes on the background and history of each story.





Anthologies Edited

The Dragon and the Stars, co-edited with Eric Choi, DAW Books, 2010.

The first anthology of science fiction and fantasy by overseas Chinese authors (authors of Chinese ancestry who live outside China). Winner of the 2011 Aurora Award, Canada's national science fiction award, for Best Related Work in English. Read about it here and here.

Where the Stars Rise cover

Where the Stars Rise, co-edited with Lucas Law, Laksa Media, 2017.

An anthology of Asian science fiction and fantasy showcasing the diverse cultures of Asia in a variety of worlds and futures. Read about it here.




Arcadia Has Fallen, a one-act play performed at Futurecon 4, Radisson Toronto East Hotel, Toronto, December 31, 2013.

The British Government uses the TV series Doctor Who in a secret plot to regenerate the dead British Empire. Read the play here.


Non-Fiction Articles


"Artists Prepare High-Profile Solo Projects", Parsec, Fall 2000, Sudbury, Ontario.

About manga artists Tsukasa Kotobuki and Chihiro Hattori.


"Artists Nuture Revolutionary Spirit", Parsec, Winter 2001, Sudbury, Ontario.

About Kunihiko Ikuhara and Chiho Saito, creators of Revolutionary Girl Utena.


"New Entries in Lodoss Saga Here", Parsec, Spring/Summer 2001, Sudbury, Ontario.

About Ryo Mizuno, creator of Record of the Lodoss Wars.

"The Rarest Hooters of Them All", Realms, June/July 2001, Toronto, Ontario.

About the Halle the Hooters Girl comic book and why it was recalled in the lawsuit between the original founders of Hooters and the franchising company Hooters of America.


"Manga Madness", RicePaper, Fall 2004, Vancouver, British Columbia.

About how North Americans have adopted Japanese and East Asian anime and pop culture. With photos of Anime North convention by the author.

"Chinese Canadian Science Fiction Writers", Science Fiction World, May 2008, published in Chengdu, China.

About writers Eric Choi, Tony Pi, Melissa Yuan-Innes, Elaine Chen, and Derwin Mak. Science Fiction World is China's leading science fiction magazine and is the science fiction magazine with the highest circulation and readership in the world: 300,000 copies and 1 million readers.

"The Norway Tragedy: Influences on Madness", SITREP, journal of the Royal Canadian Military Institute, September-October 2011.

My analysis of 2083 - a European Declaration of Independence, the manifesto of Norwegian confessed mass killer Anders Breivik, shows that he was neither a Christian fundamentalist nor a right-wing racist, but rather, a science fiction nerd gone violent. Read it here as html or as a pdf file.

"The Canada Memorial in London: a Playground for Children", SITREP, journal of the Royal Canadian Military Institute, November-December 2011.

My account of the state of disrepair of the Canada Memorial in Green Park, London, and how British children are using it as a waterslide.

1,700th Anniversary of the Battle of the Milvian Bridge tallero

"The Modern Coins of Thxois, Trebizond", NI Bulletin, the publication of the organization Numismatics International, May/June 2013 (volume 48, numbers 5/6)

About the coins that I issued as Count of Thxois, a title of nobility that I received from the Duke of Marykatos of the nobility created by the Lascaris-Comnenus, a family claiming descent from the last imperial family of Trebizond.

SITREP May-June 2014 cover

"North Korean Pop Culture: Diplomacy on YouTube", SITREP, journal of the Royal Canadian Military Institute, May-June 2014.

About North Korea's use of YouTube and the creation of the Moranbong Band in propaganda operations to make the outside world think that the regime is becoming more liberal.

  "The Perpetual Foreigner Syndrome in Chinese North American Science Fiction and Fantasy", The New York Review of Science Fiction, issue 348 (August 2018)


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